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history (to date …) & mission

HISTORY: Tecrea is passionate about the creative cell and tissue delivery technology and through that passion, we have discovered a novel way of delivering molecules into cells. Our mission is to provide world leading cell and tissue delivery technology for research and drug development applications. This novel approach has given us the potential to improve people’s health in a huge range of areas, in a wide variety of diseases in a safe and efficient way.

Founded in 2012, as a spinout from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, we have already developed a line of tools that improve scientific experiments through enhanced delivery of a range of molecules into cells. Our novel platform technology involves a safe to use polymer and nanotechnology. This may sound complicated, but our approach makes it easy. We believe that cell delivery technology should be effectively non-toxic to ensure the experimental integrity and enable clinical progression. In line with this belief, our technology is uniquely non-toxic and effective. This combination of efficacy and safety enables us to provide value to customers and partners and we leading the field in this area of nanotechnology.

Our Nanocin™ products are incredibly easy to deliver. They can delivere and stored at room temperature; significantly reducing delivery costs and are stable for at least one year. Tecrea Ltd is a privately held company, registered in the UK. From our London base, we collaborate with academic, government and industrial partners locally and globally.

MISSION: To advance life sciences and health care through the development of creative and superior technology for the cell and tissue delivery of reagents and drugs, which we will sell to customers and license to partners, with on-going technical support from our team.



London Bioscience Innovation Center (LBIC)
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