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Products are shipped globally, with dispatch within 24 hours.
Please request quotes using the form below or by sending an email to: [email protected]
(Alternatively, purchase through one of our regional distributors)


product unit size
approx. #
(12 well plate)
    catalogue # price
(£ Sterling)
 Nanocin-plasmid 0.25 50-75  TNP-250  100
 Nanocin-plasmid 0.5 100-150  TNP-500  150
 Nanocin-plasmid  1.0  200-300  TNP-1000  200
 Nanocin-RNA  0.25  50-75  TNR-250  100
 Nanocin-RNA  0.5  100-150  TNR-500  150
 Nanocin-RNA  1.0  200-300  TNR-1000  200
 Nanocin-PRO  0.25   50-75  TPRO-250  150
 Nanocin-PRO  0.5  100-150  TPRO-500  200
 Nanocin-SM  0.25   50-75  TNSM-250  150
 Nanocin-SM  0.5  100-150  TNSM-500  200
 Nanocin-GMP flexible for bioprocessing
& clinical translation
 TNGMP enquire
  • All units of all products will be provided in a labelled tube, with hardcopy of protocol included.
  • Nanocin-plasmid : all units will be provided with a transfection buffer, included in price.
  • Shelf life will be at least 1 year from shipment date.
  • We can invoice in any major currency, please state preference in quote request.
  • All sales of research reagents are subject to our Conditions of Sales
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