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drug formulation for delivery using nanoparticles


The Nanocin™ platform can enable improved cell and tissue delivery of a range of molecules for clinical translation, including nucleic acids, proteins, peptides and small molecules. Small molecules provide most of the drugs that reach the clinic. However, even for small molecules cell delivery is a major challenge and poor delivery stands in the way of many otherwise attractive applications and development opportunities.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve cell delivery using nanoparticles. Tecrea Ltd is pioneering a new platform for nanoparticle-based delivery of small molecules. We are proud to introduce Nanocin™ as a novel delivery technology that can be applied to small molecule reagents, drugs and diagnostic probes.

Nanocin™ is extremely easy to use. The standard protocol involves simply mixing Nanocin™ with a small molecule of interest. Nanoparticles form spontaneously and can be directly used. The scientists at Tecrea appreciate how important it is for researcher to translate their projects to the clinic with toxicity problems. Nanocin™ is effectively non-toxic for many mammalian cell and clinical applications.

Nanocin™ is a an exciting nanomedicine platform. Here is an introductory video on nanomedicine.

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