antimicrobial agent


SanZone is an antimicrobial agent that is used to ensure that incubators and water baths remain clean and infection-free. When culturing cells of any type, it is imperative that incubators be effectively sterile areas. Also, water baths inside incubators are important in cell culture protocols and the water must be effectively sterile. These cleanliness requirements are always a challenge. SanZone provides a highly effective solution to this common problem. The antimicrobial agent is added as a simple solution is added as a concentrate directly to water baths or applied to the inner surface areas of incubators. The presence of SanZone kills microbes and prevents infection from accumulating in water baths and and on surfaces in incubators.  SanZone antimicrobial agent provides a long lasting solution, which helps maintain sterility.

As with all Tecrea Ltd products, SanZone is designed to improve experiment quality. By ensuring infection-free incubators and water baths, SanZone will improve all of your cell culture based activities. As an antimicrobial agent for incubators, you can rely on SanZone to ensure quality cell cultures.

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