research reagents overview

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 plasmid DNA  | siRNA  |  peptide | protein |  small molecule

From laboratory to clinic

Tecrea develops high quality Nanocin™ reagents and ingredients to support R&D in academic and industrial research labs. We work closely with partners, helping them to address unmet medical needs.



Research opportunities:
Tecrea’s research products are efficient and non-toxic to host cells.   Our  products are unique and open new experimental possibilities.  In particular, the low toxicity properties help to improve science and provide a platform for translation to the clinic.


Low toxicity transfection:



Clinical opportunities:
Our technology allows R&D departments to formulate nanoparticles that will enhance tissue and cell delivery of a range of bioactive molecules, including DNA, RNA, proteins, peptides and even  small molecules having poor membrane penetrability. The active ingredient in Nanocin-GMP™ is safe to use and we can provide at GMP quality for in vivo research and clinical development.