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small molecule delivery into cells using nanoparticles

Nanocin-SM™ is for small molecule delivery into cells using nanoparticles.  Nanocin-SM™ is an an exciting new nanoparticle based delivery platform designed to efficiently deliver a wide range of cargos into both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

Tecrea’s Nanocin-SM™ products massively enhance the delivery of small molecules into a range of cell types and tissues. Nanocin-SM™ can even deliver cargo molecules into gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Nanocin-SM™ is versitile and outperforms market leaders in terms of efficient delivery and lack of toxicity in our test systems. Also, Nanocin-SM™ is non toxic, simple to use and cost effective. Nanocin-SM™ products meet all the criteria of high end quality delivery tools.

New Rapid Protocols
Nanocin-SM™ is compatible with the new rapid protocol that saves time. Nanocin-SM™ is so safe it can be used at the time of cell seeding with no detrimental effect. The simple, rapid protocols ensure effective delivery of your cargo into your cells or tissues of interest.


Nuclear delivery of an impermeant dye (green). The panel at left shows the level of nuclear uptake of a small molecule dye in the absence of nanoparticle formulation.  The panel at right shows the level of cell and nuclear delivery following formulation into nanoparticles using Nanocin-SM™.  The date provides an example of small molecule delivery into cells using nanoparticles. To discuss other examples of small molecule delivery into cells using nanoparticles please contact our scientists. 

small molecule delivery


NanoCargo-SM for small molecule delivery

dye + Nanocin-SM









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