technology overview

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technology overview

Tecrea Ltd is involved in basic research that results in transformative technologies for biomedicine. We focus on creative ways to use nanotechnology to improve cell delivery of reagents and drugs. We view cell delivery as a central problem in biological research and biomedicine, and improved delivery strategies can enable better application of many reagents and drugs. By enabling improved delivery, Tecrea Ltd enables scientists to bring forward modern molecular medicines to the clinic.

Transfection of Nucleic Acids
Tecrea Ltd has developed specific Nanocin-plasmid™ and Nanocin-RNA™kits that enable transfection of nucleic acids into a wide range of cell types. A key feature of Nanocin™ kits is that it is not toxic to mammalian cells and is safe to use in vivo. Poor efficacy and toxicity are substantial problems encountered during many transfection experiments and in the in vivo application of nucleic acid based medicines. Nanocin™ provides a novel strategy that transforms the area, enabling efficient and non-toxic transfection. For more information about our transfection technologies and partnering opportunities contact:

Delivery of proteins and peptides
Tecrea Ltd has developed specific Nanocin-PRO™ kits that enable effective delivery of proteins and peptides.  Many otherwise useful protiens and peptides do not enter cells and tissues efficiently and this limits medical benefit and use in research. Indeed, poor uptake is a common failure criteria that blocks the progress of many promising peptides and proteins.

Delivery of small molecue reagents and drugs
Tecrea Ltd has developed specific Nanocin-SM™ kits that enable effective delivery of small molecules.  Many otherwise useful drugs fail to deliver medical benefit due to poor cell delivery properties. Indeed, poor uptake is a common failure criteria that blocks the progress of many promising compounds and new medical strategies. Even existing drugs could work better in patients if drug delivery could be improved or redirected. Nanocin™ technology can improve the delivery of a range of small and large molecular weight molecules for research applications. Also, we offer Nanocin-GMP™ for clinical development. For more information about our drug delivery technologies and partnering opportunities contact us and we will be please of offer suggestions.

How does it work?
At Tecrea Ltd we are passionate about understanding how things work. You passion may be the mechanisms of action of your gene, drug or pathway, and ours is understanding how transfection works and how to make the very best reagents work better. We study nanoparticle formation and cell and tissue delivery mechanisms in collaboration with leading academic laboratories, using a range of techniques including Dynamic Light Scattering and advance microscopy.