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Created with world leading nanotechnology, Tecrea’s Nanocin cell delivery system is an effectively non-toxic method of transfection that’s designed to deliver without compromise. The unique nature of the nanotechnology in Nanocin means that it is the only transfection reagent that is fully translatable to the clinic.

From clinical projects to academic research, discover how Nanocin technology can transform the integrity of your experiments. Our team of experienced scientists will find the right transfection tool for your needs.

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Introducing Nanocin

High performance nanotechnology that takes cell and tissue transfection to the next level.

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Tecrea is redefining efficiency in the field of molecular medicine research and development with Nanocin transfection reagents, producing unmatched levels of accuracy, speed and delivery.

What makes Nanocin exceptional?


Unsurpassed transfection efficiency

Consistent high-performance transfection of nucleic acids into a wide range of cell types, including prokaryotic and eukaryotic.

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Unmatched levels of cell viability

Specifically curated to counteract poor efficacy and toxicity, Nanocin reagents are non-toxic to mammalian cells and are completely safe to use in vivo maintaining >99% cell viability.


Easy & flexible protocols

Expect rapid and streamlined protocol with faster rates of transfection, and deliver multiple DNA, RNA or protein cargos thanks to low cell toxicity.


Uniquely translatable to clinic

Nanocin technology adheres to the strictest safety procedures and is GMP compliant. Translate your research from lab to clinic with confidence.