About Us

We think small so you can work big

Tecrea are pioneers in the field of molecular science. By creating a patented nanotechnology platform, we provide a unique range of cell and tissue delivery tools that are fully translatable from the lab to the clinic.

What does that mean in practice? It means that you, our partners, and the wider biomedical research community have access to novel delivery reagents that offer unparalleled opportunities to advance drug development and research, without compromising on experiment integrity.

Our science

Using nanoparticle-forming technology, our Tecrea scientists have developed Nanocin – a range of transfection, small molecule, protein, and peptide delivery reagents that are able to facilitate unsurpassed levels of accuracy, speed, and yield.


Relying on a dynamic system that rapidly self-assembles molecules and then “packages” them into nanoparticles, our platform significantly enhances cellular delivery into both mammalian and bacterial cells.


All of this is achieved whilst maintaining >99% cell viability; a unique feature of our nanotechnology that distinguishes Nanocin from other reagent tools.

Our innovation

Tecrea Ltd was founded in 2012 as a spin-out of the Royal Veterinary College (University of London), to empower researchers in healthcare and life sciences through our innovation in nanotechnology.


We bring together expertise in transfection, bioprocessing, and drug formulation to develop reagent tools that offer enormous potential for advances in drug efficiency and targeted delivery.

Our promise

Tecrea are advancing the field of healthcare science throughout the world, through collaborations with academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical partners across both human and animal health.


Our fully translatable nanotechnology platform can help you develop treatments for a wide variety of diseases, while overcoming the limitations of existing therapies.


Our mission is to empower the biomedical community through innovative and effective transfection, small molecule, protein, and peptide delivery technologies.

At Tecrea, we think small so you can work big

Tecrea Ltd is a privately held company, registered in the UK. UK registration: #07966622

Research & Development
London Bioscience Innovation Centre (LBIC)
2 Royal College Street London
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