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How Nanocin is advancing drug reformulation


Nanocin is an innovative new drug reformulation platform, being the only reagent of its type that is fully translatable from the lab to the clinic.


Because of its unique nanotechnology, Nanocin offers enormous potential for significant improvements in drug efficiency and targeted delivery. The development cost of a single new drug formulation typically costs around $1.3 billion and takes over 10 years to reach the market. It’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies are looking for new, more effective strategies for drug development.


Reforming or repositioning existing drug formulations represents a low risk and cost-efficient methods and a solution to this problem – but only with the right tools.

Nanocin: realising the potential in reformulation


Nanocin forms nanoparticles that can deliver a huge range of molecular/drug cargos, including DNA, RNA, small molecules, proteins, peptides, and natural products.


This formulation significantly enhances the ability of the nanoparticles to penetrate into cells and tissue, leading to improved and more targeted molecule/drug delivery.

Custom built to support drug development


Specifically designed for drug formulation and bioprocessing, Nanocin GMP is a delivery tool with an exceptional safety profile.


Its core polymer (polyhexanide) has a long-established safety track record and is found in a range of human health and wellbeing products, from eye drops to hand wash.


Tecrea is already exploring how Nanocin GMP can support oral and IV formulated drugs for topical administration to treat diseases affecting the skin, lungs, eyes, ears, and gut.

To bring this nanotechnology to patients across a range of settings, Tecrea has a number of partnerships already in place with both large and small pharma companies.

Through these partnerships, our technology platform is used under licence in several areas of animal and human health.

As a cutting-edge and highly cost effective tool, Nanocin GMP represents an opportunity for new commercial pharmaceutical partners to collaborate with Tecrea.

Talk to our scientists (info@tecrea.com) about how to become a partner and take advantage of Tecrea’s innovative nanotechnology.


We think small so you can work big