Nanocin SM
Small deliveries, big results
Designed with size in mind, Nanocin SM is a pioneering new delivery reagent that can deliver exceptionally small and highly hydrophobic molecules into cells.

Effectively non-toxic and simple to use, Nanocin SM allows evaluation of poorly penetrating small molecules in cell models.
Nanocin SM represents a wealth of potential within the field of biomedical research. Nanoparticles are created with your chosen small molecule through a process of rapid self-assembly, enabling significantly enhanced cellular delivery.

The images below illustrate the impact of Nanocin SM on nuclear uptake of small molecules delivery using Sytox Green, an impermeant dye:

Discover how Nanocin SM can improve the performance and integrity of your experiments.


  • Enables efficient delivery into cells by creating nanoparticles with the chosen small molecule
  • Delivers exceptionally small cargo molecules of a few hundred daltons
  • Rapid and streamlined protocol

The level of uptake of Sytox Green dye module without Nanocin SM

The level of cell delivery of Sytox Green dye module with Nanocin SM, following formulation into nanoparticles

Nanocin SM

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Nanocin SM is versatile and robust, operating with market leading levels of cell viability, often greater than 99%*.

Engineered to empower research in early stages of drug discovery, Nanocin SM enables precision delivery into cells so molecules can be tested in a cell model.

Nanocin SM is so safe that it can be used at the point of cell seeding with no detrimental effect. Plus its simple, rapid protocols ensure effective delivery of cargo into cells or tissues of interest.

* cell-line dependant



Test Specification
Appearance (Colour) Colourless
Appearance (Form) Solution
Volume (mL) 0.25, 0.5
Storage 2-8°C
Expiration Date Period 24 months
Trademark Nanocin™ is a trademark of Tecrea


Standard & Rapid Protocols

Small molecule delivery protocol


Material Safety Data Sheets

Nanocin SM MSDS


Is Nanocin SM compatible with all small molecules?
The range of small molecules (SM) used in research and medicine is hugely varied, so the application of Nanocin SM may require optimisations. However, the protocol has been developed to maximise the chance of success with a wide range of small molecules. In some cases, adjusting the Nanocin SM to small molecule ratio can improve efficiencies. If you would like to discuss you particular SM, please contact us.
Is Nanocin SM compatible with all cell types?
Yes, but each cell line may require optimisation of delivery conditions.
Is Nanocin SM a transfection reagent?
Formally, transfection is used in association with nucleic acids, but it is often used loosely to describe the delivery of other types of compounds into cells. At Tecrea, we prefer to say that Nanocin SM is a “delivery reagent”.