Nanocin PRO
Reimagine protein and peptide delivery
Nanocin PRO is reimagining the use of peptides and proteins for efficient delivery into cells and tissue – it could be the difference between seeing reliable results in weeks rather than years.

Traditionally, inhibiting proteins and enzymes have meant that scientists must rely on expensive and time-consuming methods to facilitate efficient delivery; until now.

Nanocin PRO is specifically engineered for the effective delivery of proteins and peptides, including antibodies, into cells and tissues. It’s highly precise, fast-acting, and cost-effective.

The images below illustrate the cellular delivery of red fluorescent protein (26kD monomeric) using Nanocin PRO compared to a leading market alternative.

Discover how Nanocin PRO can improve the performance and integrity of your experiments.


  • Innovative new approach to protein and peptide delivery, accurately evaluating protein target function in a biological cascade
  • Extremely robust method, delivering a wide range of protein and peptide loads to a variety of cell types
  • Rapid and streamlined protocol

Using Nanocin Pro

Using PULSin, a competing product

Nanocin PRO

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Nanocin PRO is versatile, robust, and effectively non-toxic, making it a highly efficient delivery reagent.

For the first time, the biomedical community has the chance to experiment in delivering an antibody or peptide into an intracellular target.

Nanocin PRO enables delivery of peptides and proteins at whatever size and weight that works for your experiment, from amino acids weighing less than 500Da to loads upwards of 175kDa.

Because it’s effectively non-toxic, Nanocin PRO can be used at the time of cell seeding with no detrimental effect. Plus, its simple and rapid protocol ensures effective delivery of cargo into cells.



Test Specification
Appearance (Colour) Colourless
Appearance (Form) Solution
Volume (mL) 0.25, 0.5
Storage 2-8°C
Expiration Date Period 24 months
Trademark Nanocin™ is a trademark of Tecrea


Standard & Rapid Protocols

Protein/peptide delivery protocol


Material Safety Data Sheets

Nanocin PRO MSDS


Is Nanocin PRO compatible with all types of proteins and peptides?
The world of proteins and peptides is particularly diverse, meaning protocol adjustments may be needed. The protocol has been developed to maximise the chance of success with a wide range of proteins and peptides. In some cases adjusting the Nanocin PRO to protein or peptide ratio can improve efficiency. If you would like to discuss your particular protein or peptide, please contact us.
Is Nanocin PRO compatible with all cell types?
Yes, but each cell line may require optimisation of delivery conditions.
Is Nanocin PRO a transfection reagent?
Formally, transfection is used in association with nucleic acids, but it is often used loosely to describe the delivery of other types of compounds into cells. At Tecrea, we prefer to say that Nanocin PRO is a “delivery reagent”.