Taking your innovation from lab to clinic

Engineered with nanoparticle-forming technology, Nanocin is a range of transfection, small molecule, protein and peptide delivery reagents that facilitate unsurpassed levels of accuracy, speed, and yield.


All of which is achieved whilst maintaining >99% cell viability; a unique feature of our nanotechnology that distinguishes Nanocin from other reagent tools.


Perfectly engineered to enter mammalian cells, Nanocin PLASMID allows for highly efficacious DNA transfection in a range of cell types.

Nanocin RNA

Effectively non-toxic and designed to be compatible with clinical development, Nanocin RNA is an innovative new RNA transfection agent.

Nanocin SM

Designed with size in mind, Nanocin SM is a pioneering new delivery reagent that can deliver exceptionally small and highly hydrophobic molecules into cells.

Nanocin PRO

Nanocin PRO is reimagining the use of peptides and proteins for efficient delivery into cells and tissue.