Quality Policy

Our Mission Statement:

To advance life sciences and health care through the development of creative and superior technology for the cell and tissue delivery of reagents and APIs, which we will sell to customers and license to partners, with on-going technical support from our team.

Tecrea’s Quality Management system applies progressive management principles and effective quality management internal auditing.

The main goals of our quality-related activities are the following:

  • Achieving professionalism in the selection and the development of our staff; maintaining a wide range of credentials and qualifications;
  • Innovation in everything we do;
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency both in our operations and in our services, passing on the benefits to our clients;
  • Continuously aim to achieve and go beyond customer requirements;
  • Investment in research and development to bring innovative, high-performing products to market.

In order to achieve these objectives, we implemented and operate a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 international standard. We are committed to satisfying applicable requirements and to the continuous improvement of our QMS which is an ongoing task that shall be incorporated in the activities of all the members our staff.

1st March, 2024

Liam Good

Chief Scientific Officer